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SuperHuman Transformation



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learn the truth about food, fitness, and health, and awaken the true YOU
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if what you’re doing isn’t working.  if you’re still tired, can’t lose weight, or have other unresolved symptoms, you have to consider the possibility, however unlikely, that what you think is healthy, isn’t. find out what is.


SuperHuman Transformation

real food. functional fitness. lifestyle factors such as sleep and sun exposure. personal development using mindfulness practices. an 8-week progression designed to put you on the path towards optimal health and vibrancy.

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"It's in order to tell you I am feeling great today! Normally u hear me when I am struggling more or less I just completed the 3rd IF of 20 hrs and it was easy. I went to inferno for Gabi's class which I nailed and then Chidimma convinced me to stay for another hour and I thought I was 30 min in but it was already and hour. It felt I could have gone forever. Amazing feeling. I am sleeping better so let me know if you want me to bring the 3rd supplement back in? The safe starches, fruit and dairy as last meal I haven't done yet but I will after the weekend."

− Andrea Frey, Inferno Hot Pilates

"Paul good morning, I'm so excited. I just checked my blood pressure. It was 118/53. Then I had to check it again. it was 120/53 the second time. That was the lowest I have had it for years. My blood pressure for the last four years has been 155/80 with Medication. My brother who is thinner then I. just checked his blood pressure it was 157/78. I told him it's the he eats, sleep, stress, etc. Yay! I'm so thankful for you! Have a blessed day!"

− Dolores Lopez, Inferno

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Today I had the best day of my life. I have two little ones and I'm a stay home mom. It can be a bit overwhealming, kids, chores, cooking, homework, schools, karate... and on and on. Before the 12 week challenge, and even up to a couple of weeks ago my days were long and stressfull, my patience was almost gone and I would snap with the smallest thing. Having everything to be happy I did not feel happy. TODAY I was up early, I had to deal with a sick 6 year old and a cranky 4 year old, I had to deal with homeworks, chores, cooking, and I felt SO IN CONTROL!!! never losing my cool, never raising my voice, and having a super productive day!!! I started the meditation this week, I don't know if it's that, the way I'm feeding my body, all the other changes that you have taught me, but it's all coming together. I did this challenge thinking it would help me shed a few pounds, but in the last 8 weeks I have become a healthier person AND a better mom and person. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! You have truly changed my life!!"

− Adriana Aguilar, Inferno

"I must say, since I started this Powered By Real Food journey, I've noticed several awesome transformations in my health: 1.) I no longer experience an afternoon crash where I can barely keep my eyes open, 2.) Of course, my waist size has decreased significantly (gone from a size 8 to a 6), 3.) My acne has cleared up significantly, 4.) Digestive issues have completely cleared up, 4.) Almost no symptoms from certain hormonal changes, 5.) My skin looks WAY younger all of a sudden. So yeah, I'm sticking with this! Thank you Paul Tijerina with ATAVIST Nutrition, you rock! You deserve a special shoutout because my results are REAL and I'm super excited about it! It really is MOSTLY about how you're eating. #poweredbyrealfood #superhumantransformation"

− Christina Novoa, Combine Fitness CrossFit

"on another milestone of this challenge, I've always had a thing for nice, toned arms, and always felt my arms would never look the way I wanted. i have seen great toning in my arms and shoulders (which I absolutely love) and I was approached by a girl after one of the Inferno classes, the asked me 'your arms look great!! What do you do, do you also workout on the gym??? I want have arms like you!!!' MADE MY DAY!!!"

− Adriana Aguilar, Inferno

"Paul, I've really enjoyed learning from you! Among other things,I love my short morning walks to get me started! I am also delighted that your program includes a spiritual component! That is so often neglected in other 'fitness plans'. Atavist hits all the bases! Thank you for developing and sharing your great way of life. Hi Paul. I really do like the food. I used to not eat or eat grains for breakfast. Now I have eggs, veggies, meat and I feel great!! So now I usually skip lunch instead. My daughter is in the class and just caught me up on last Saturday's class so I just completed my first IF at lunch today! I have some difficulties in choosing my evening meal and sometimes the shopping & food prep is difficult, but I try to stick to the diet. (I did have a blackout last weekend when I was in San Fran and went into a bakery) The program has really improved my eating and life style! My dog loves going on a walk first thing in the morning and has taken to barking me out of bed. There are so many good things about the whole program, I wish the whole world could learn it!"

− Sue Perlin, Inferno

"On a side note I got results from my blood work, and apart from still being anemic, I'm really healthy. All my sugar levels are normal and cholesterol is great. I will say I wasn't able to fast for a full 24hrs because of my anemia, my body gets to cold and starts to slow down. So I will have to do the fasting once I'm a better. But I will say, had a few days off this week and got sunrise/sunset in finally. Plus, a whole day of hiking and hot springs. :)"

− Laura, Inferno

"In the 8 week Real Food Challenge, I was able to not only lose weight but inches. I ate whole foods that kept me satisfied while maintaining my bliss sugar levels so I didn't have a desire to snack between meals. My energy levels were stable throughout the day. Thanks T for your amazing inspiration, knowledge and support."

− Becky Sultan