for healthy fats

remember – when it comes to healthy fats, it’s worth investing a little more.  better quality = more nutrients and less toxins.

sauces, dressings

sweets, sweeteners & powders

basic spices

chips, crackers, pork rinds

nut and seed butters and spreads


use sparingly!  the majority of your food be real food, home cooked and prepped!  having some of these bars available for a snack, hike, or even a treat is fine!

sparkling water options

use sparkling water as a compliment to your overall hydration goals.  the majority of the water you drink should be pure, and then mineralized yourself.  and then you can have sparkling water periodically to add variety and flavor.

for mineralized hydration

my favorite knives

recommended cookware

recommended items for your kitchen, check out this video on real food cooking and food prep tips :)

reusable stuff

we all care about our planet and environment.  reduce your toxic consumption of all these “to go” things, and replace them with your own reusable stuff!  I carry my spork and canteens everywhere!