what you are looking for starts with health.

whatever it is that you’re looking for, it all starts with health.  health leads to feeling amazing.  health leads to optimal body composition and being happy with your body.  health opens the door to an amazing life.


to be happy and live a fulfilling life, you have to feel good, be happy with your body, and perform well at all your daily activities.  this means addressing all the issues and symptoms that are holding you back, including body composition, symptoms for specific conditions, sleep patterns, and stress, among many other things.


once you figure out health, and once you feel better, anything and everything is possible.

the problem – confusion.

the Conventional Wisdom view of what we need to do to be healthy is completely wrong.

even some of the most popular fad diets don’t communicate the full picture!  are we supposed to be vegan?  paleo?  low-carb?  ketogenic? most of us are frustrated, confused, and conflicted with all this misinformation, seeing only temporary and fleeting results if any. NONE of this information is liveable or sustainable for a lifetime.

our real food umbrella

you came to the right place.

let us be your guide.  we understand how it feels to be confused, to do what we’re told and not see results. we understand what it feels like to be unhealthy, to suffer, and struggle, in the face of trying to do the right thing.  we’ve tried all the fad diets and programs, only to see temporary results.

we’ve dedicated ourselves to a lifelong quest of bringing the truth about health to all our people.  we bring the best of the best from every and all methodologies that work, and boil them down into simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-implement concepts.


our way is livable for a lifetime.  our way is a way of life. we’ve worked with over 2,000 in our group programs, and hundreds of people in our private practice.

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our core foundations

holistic real food

you will be very happy to know that you will never have to question what or how you are supposed to eat, ever again

natural solutions

organic and pure for health symptoms, emotional states, deep home cleaning, and yes of course supplements

functional fitness

flexibly stabilize your metabolic and cardiovascular state as you remember how to move as we were meant to move

circadian rhythms

greatly improve your vital energy throughout the day, sleep much better at night, and optimize hormonal balance

grounding & nature

deeply connecting with the earth in its raw and unfiltered glory has measurable physiological and emotional effects

meditation & mindfulness

how to use your mind, instead of your mind using you, letting go and unlearning everything you thought you knew

and of course, cultivating community!

we LOVE all the people we’ve worked with.  and they love each other. all of our support is community driven through local events, online social media, 
and other technologies.

let’s do this!