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in this holistic world that we are all immersed in, we’ve all heard the benefits of consuming fermented foods. we all know the importance of bone stock. but how many of us are actually taking advantage of these nutrient-dense powerhouses?

fermented foods

we’ve been consuming bacteria since the beginning of our existence.  some of it by chance and accident, and some it deliberately.  our recent ancestors as far back as 8,000 years ago, learned how to use controlled fermentation to their advantage.  by introducing specific bacteria, or by controlling the environment to allow the natural proliferation of the bacteria that we want, we can ferment organic matter, and reap the benefits.

fermentation is the process by which we introduce beneficial bacteria to organic material.  the bacteria then feed on sugars and other nutrients which pre-digests the food, and also transforms it into other beneficial things.  through fermentation, we make foods easier to digest, introduce beneficial bacteria to our system, and create beneficial nutrients that didn’t exist before.

bone stock

bone stock is the liquid from simmered bones, scraps, and connective tissue of animals. the liquid after simmering is filled with all kinds of great stuff that we might not normally get because we rarely actually eat the bones and connective tissues. but once simmered, the nutrients from the bones and connective tissues dissolve into the water.

ancestral cultures have been consuming bone stock for hundreds of thousands of years.  check out all the great benefits of bone stock in this short post.

details of this class

in this class and workshop, we’ll talk about all the nuanced benefits of our top SUPERFOODS to include:

  • fermented produce
  • fermented drinks such as kombucha
  • bone stock
  • egg yolks
  • shellfish
  • butter

we’ll also get hands-on experience:

  • we’ll make our choice of sauerkraut or kimchi.  all of us will walk out with at least 2 quarts of sauerkraut or kimchi, ready for fermentation.
  • we’ll watch a demonstration on how to make kombucha, and then we’ll all receive our own kombucha starter kit.
  • we’ll watch a demonstration on how to make bone stock, and then we”ll all sample a warm cup of seasoned bone stock.

included in this class:

  • educational handouts, notes, and references based on the educational information we will cover.
  • pre-prepped produce and supplies for fermenting sauerkraut or kimchi.  all you have to do is show up with 2 empty wide-mouth quart mason jars.
  • kombucha starter kit with instructions.
  • bone stock sample with instructions.

all participants need to bring 2 wide-mouth quart mason jars.


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