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“Before I started the SuperHuman Transformation lifestyle, I had worked out at The Crossfit Combine for about two years. I never believed I could reach performance levels rivaling my past levels from high school and college. I did know, however, there was a missing aspect to my performance.

A year ago I decided to dedicate myself to working out and chasing new personal levels of performance in the gym and in life in general. While I pushed to workout 5-6 times a week, I was still missing something. I took a look around at the wonderful community that is the Crossfit Combine and noticed that the people that had the best performances, physiques and overall demeanors were the SuperHumans lead by Paul C. Tijerina and Nichol.

I have practiced many other performance-based, caloric intake restricting, macro counting and pyramid diets. Pulling from that experience I had my expectations of restrictive menus, radical restrictions on eating and lackluster results body composition wise.

Yet, I knew that after the first group meeting things in the SHT were very different.

The group aspect of the progressions was quite refreshing. Simply being around like-minded and supportive people made it much easier to stick to a “diet”. This group support made it much easier to explore the lifestyle that is the SHT. The SHT lifestyle has created a new level of freedom when it comes to food. No longer did I have to stay away from the foods I craved and if certain foods were restricted there were a plethora of similar and sometimes tastier foods to replace the restricted item. Other keys to the lifestyle such as meal timing and mindfulness created much less hectic days and allowed me to fully focus on the challenges at hand.

Over the last year of SHT lifestyle including CrossFit I have been able to not only lose 40lbs, I have also been able to change my body composition in ways I certainly didn’t think were possible.

Most importantly I have a new lifestyle that rewards me with fantastic health and performance markers which push me to stick to the lifestyle and leaves me hungry for more SHT-information. Which leads to the last excellent aspect of the SHT, the community is constantly growing and incorporating the latest information from the literature and personal experience.

The opportunity to have been enveloped by this community has been a game changer. The freedoms and changes physically and mentally are extremely rewarding.  Paul and their SHT have truly empowered me!” – John Nixon

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Paul C. Tijerina

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Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach

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