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Remember Our 3-Step Process For Food Prep.

  1. think about what you want and shop for the week
 (for example, plan and shop Saturday).
  2. food PREP for the week on one day
 (for example, a few hours on Sunday).
  3. food IMPLEMENT and serve food during the week with creativity for variety.


Meal Prep And Delivery Services.

Sweet & Fit by our good friend and fellow SHT member Gosia :⁠)

  • approved desserts, sweets, and treats.
  • high-quality ingredients.
  • individual and catering options available.
  • visit


ChefFit | meal prep and catering.


other delivery services to experiment with.

let’s face it – sometimes we just don’t have the time.  try these services out and give us some feedback!

  • Amazon Prime NOW.  skip the trip!  Prime Now offers the best of Amazon plus everyday household items and grocery essentials.
  • Postmates.  get anything delivered in minutes.
  • Bite Squad.  your favorite restaurants delivered.
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