a brief overview of grounding, hiking, camping, and being outdoors

all of our foundations are important!

  • holistic, real food (body)
  • setting circadian rhythms (sleep)
  • meditation & mindfulness (mind)
  • grounding & outdoors (nature)
  • functional fitness (movement)
  • simplicity & elegance (minimalism)
  • natural solutions (toxicity)
  • cultivating community (synergy)

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where we are now?  the modern lifestyle.

  • not enough bright sunlight during the day, with too much dim, artificial light.
  • too much bright artificial light at night.
  • poor sleep habits.
  • too much exposure to EMF’s and radiation.
  • too much social media.
  • completely out-of-touch with the earth – not connected.
  • exposed to a tremendous amount of pollution.


where we are meant to be:

  • outside a lot.
  • having daily, direct body-to-earth contact.
  • functional fitness in real environments.
  • periodically completely unplugging and disconnecting from the modern lifestyle.
  • having real experiences, forming real connections, with real people.
  • getting plenty of sunlight, helping to set circadian rhythms and getting all the health benefits of sun exposure.
  • having chances to experience the beautiful wonders of this world, and experience “awe.”

frequency – how often should I get outside?

these are minimum recommendations.  more is better.

  • daily ground for at 3 minutes.  ideally longer while you’re priming & practicing.
  • 3 days per week accumulate 15 minutes or more of direct sun exposure.
  • bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), go for a hike in a pristine environment. 
    walking around the block doesn’t count.  ideally once a week would be better.
  • quarterly go on a camping trip for 3 days or more.  ideally once per month.


Paul C. Tijerina

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