fertility takes time and patience.

fertility takes time

TIME | Most of us spend our teenage years, most or all of our twenties, and maybe even our thirties trying to prevent pregnancy. And when we do decide the time is right, we’re ready. And we are ready like NOW.

But what if pregnancy doesn’t happen right away? How long do we wait before seeing a doctor? Seeing a fertility specialist? Seeking help in general? Make nutrition and life changes?

Everyone’s answer is different, and we all take different routes and paths.

There is no wrong direction! YOU have to do what’s best for YOU and YOUR body! If medical intervention is the right decision for you, THAT’S AWESOME! And we support that 110%!

The point we want to make is that what if there is an “in between” option?

Unfortunately, modern-day medicine isn’t looking at the “why”, they are only looking at the “how”…and the “how” is coming in forms of lots of hormones, injections, and procedures. But what if there is more to it?

The other point I want to make is about time.

We live in a time driven generation where we plan and time EVERYTHING. College, career, marriage, buying a house, buying a car, and…having a baby. We think that if we say “okay its time. Let’s pull the goalie” then we expect results…sometimes right away. And with women opting to conceive later in life, we feel the pressure of our “biological clock ticking”, and so we worry about time and age if it doesn’t happen right away. (Fertility specialists know this, too)

We are also a generation of impatience.

I know! Because I speak HIGHLY from experience. My life is COMPLETELY time driven! Always has! I’m a planner! I get what I want! I make things happen!

But sometimes our body has different plans. OR our body is lacking something. When it comes to making changes holistically, we have to understand that IT TAKES TIME! If we have spent most of our lives, 10-20-30 years abusing it with improper nutrition or exposure to toxins, then we need to know it can take TIME to heal and rebuild. But there is hope.

If modern day medical intervention promised you a 50% chance to conceive within 3-4 cycles or an 80-90% chance to conceive naturally in 1-2 years with nutrition and lifestyle changes, which route would you choose? There is no right or wrong answer.

What if we weren’t put on a timeline and timing didn’t matter, would that change your mind?

With a little time and a little patience, you can rebuild your body! Just give it what it needs and remove what it doesn’t!

You may feel the pressure of your “biological clock” ticking! It’s okay! I’ve felt it for YEARS!  But I have learned that time is relative, it’s your HEALTH that determines your clock!!

Nichol McIntosh

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