we get a fresh start every day

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we get a fresh start every day

caught another amazing sunrise with my main professional squeeze (Desiree’).

sitting there together, watching the beginning of a new day, I was flooded with gratitude for Desiree, for this community, and for this journey I’ve been on for years now, even with all it’s ups and downs. especially with all it’s ups and downs. Desiree and I laughed thinking “wow, it’s only been since February that we’ve been working together, and look at all that’s happened.” and it’s only been 2 years that the first official group SuperHuman Transformation. it’s amazing how far we’ve all come.

when did your health journey start? when did you start making a conscious effort to be optimal? weeks ago? months ago? years ago? now look at all that you’ve learned and changed since then. what a short period of time for so much personal evolution! and learning! think about how you view health now! versus before beginning your journey!

every day the sun rises, we have a new beginning. a fresh start. a chance to be as optimal as we can again. and the beauty is, no matter how “good” we are today, we get another shot again tomorrow. and the next day. and the next day.

remember, this journey is not about being perfect. it’s about being better. it’s about having the intention to be as optimal as we possibly can, while practicing love & kindness to ourselves, and learning from our moments of being suboptimal. there is no better gift in this world than having awareness, and having the desire to be healthy. with awareness, and with the desire to improve, regardless of any one particular day – every day the sun rises, we just got a little bit better, and we get a chance to be as optimal as we possibly can, all over again!!!


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