real food implementation FAQ

we are all about making this work in a modern lifestyle.  this is a way of life for a lifetime.  we need to practice love and kindness to ourselves throughout the process. 

when it comes to real food, always focus on the basics.  try to stay 100% real food, and never have carbohydrates in the morning.  focus on nutrient-density and healthy fats in the morning, and let the rest of the day work itself out.  over time, you’ll notice less eating, less often, more consistent energy levels, and all kinds of other beneficial shifts.  remember, better is better.  small improvements are still improvements!

concepts and questions answered in this video:

  • better is better.  be easy, practice love and kindness to yourself.  we want a life-time of freedom and not being neurotic about food.
  • Adam came in asking about the timing of foods, schedule, if he was doing it right, etc.
  • our focus is real food first, staying 100% real food, while not having carbohydrates in the morning.
  • Kristen asks is it normal to have less of an appetite?
  • Jo asks, how much nutrition can fat actually have?
  • Holly asks, how long between last meal and bedtime?
  • Armando asks, if I’m hungry should I snack?  or eat more at main meals?
  • Ashley asks, can I eat meat at lunch?  what if I’m working out later in the afternoon?
  • Fab asks, do I need to eat based on my workouts?  meaning more carbs, or more anything else?
  • Stephanie asks, should I eat 3 meals even if I’m hungry?

let us know if this information helps!!!

Paul C. Tijerina

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Paul C. Tijerina | BS MFT CPT NLP | Nutritional Therapist & ATAVIST Life Coach

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