get #SHTfaced the right way with healthy makeup and skincare options :)

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get #SHTfaced the right way with healthy makeup and skincare options :)

for those of you who just want the answers up front, these are the top recommendations from my nutritional and holistic cohorts across the world.

for makeup:


we do understand that it is difficult to purchase makeup without being able to match color to skin and other nuances.  look for these products in local stores, and also take advantage of their customer service and returns.  it’s worth trial and error to find your matches so you can be as clean and healthy as possible!

foundations for skin

for healthy skin, you must have the right nutrition, you must have strong digestion, and you must have all your other foundational  principles in place:

  • real food.  this will give your skin the nutrients it needs for structure and function, nourishing your skin from within.  again, one of top “SuperHuman symptoms” is better, smoother, and clearer skin!

  • strong digestion.  this will ensure that you are actually assimilating the nutrients you need, and it will also help secure intestinal permeability, keeping toxins and pathogens from crossing your intestinal barrier, which can cause all kinds of skin issues.  if you’ve adapted our way of eating, or a real food protocol in general, and still suffer from digestive issues, please reach out to us.  we can help you.

  • circadian rhythms set.  by setting circadian rhythms you are aligning your body’s rhythms with the rhythms of the earth, which in turn optimizes your hormonal secretions and balance, CRUCIAL for optimal skin.  this includes various biohacks, and making an effort to get sun exposure each and every day.

  • improving sleep patterns.  most of us understand that sleep is when we “rest,” but in reality, much of our repairing and rebuilding happens when we sleep.  therefore, solid sleep = beautiful skin.

  • mineralized hydration.  among many other important roles of hydration, proper mineralized hydration transports nutrients, removes waste, flushes toxins, and empowers the body’s natural healing processes.  our skin and interstitial fluid is dependent upon quality hydration.  when drinking clean, filtered water, we recommend all our clients and challengees mineralize their water with unrefined Himalayan sea salt and some other trace mineral products.

we learn all of this in our 10-week challenge, the SuperHuman Transformation (SHT).  in fact, one of our top 5 “SuperHuman Symptoms” is BETTER SKIN!   we can also work with you on any one of these foundational principles separately.  please reach out to us if you have any questions.


it also helps to consume some “super foods” in the context of all our other foundational principles:

  • Infused Coconut Oil (with coconut oil, high vitamin butter oil, fermented cod liver oil, and fermented skate liver oil).  this product is loaded with fat-soluble nutrients which are excellent for the skin, including high and balanced levels of vitamins A, D, E, and K (including K2).  not only are they great for the skin but they also have a synergistic on other nutrients, helping the body understand where to use them and how much.  it also contains other quinones and fatty-acids, including some of the precursors . The vitamin K2 comes from butter oil – more on butter oil under “Common questions and concerns.” This product can completely turn your skin around – it will help resolve Keratosis Pilaris (“chicken skin”), and can help with hyperkeratosis, psoriasis, acne, and premature aging.

  • bone stock.  not only is bone stock full of nutrients, it’s extremely easy to digest and nourishing to the digestive system.  when we simmer bones, the connective tissues dissolve into the water, and minerals and other nutrients from the bones leach into the water as well, making it full of gelatin, collagen, glycine, and other nutrients that are extremely nourishing to the skin.  here is our recipe for ultimate stock, or you can simply visit Echo & Rig to pick up some pre-made.

  • collagen.  collagen is one of  the primary proteins found in fatty cuts of meat and connective tissue.  it contributes to increased skin elasticity and smoothness.  bone stock is one of the greatest sources of collagen.  and you can also get it from consuming fatty cuts of meat, and eating skin and connective tissue (chicken legs versus skinless chicken breasts).  you can also experiment with adding collagen to an already nutrient-dense diet.  I like this one from Vital Proteins

your skin is a reflection of your overall health.  if you have consistent skin problems, it’s a clear indication of internal dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, and/or problematic foods within the real food realm.  your skin issues will NOT be cleared up over the long-term with anything topical.  you must address the foundations!

the good news is, no matter where you are, your skin takes approximately 2 weeks to 2 months to completely replace itself.  do the right things, and watch the magic unfold!

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